Benetti Stone Moss walls and Vegetable stones

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-03-20 12:14:36 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Committed to make products and materials that are bettering our environment and produce Cabon neutral

The Story

Ivory Button brick toasted

In the last years, Benetti Stone Philosophy has carefully looked at our planet’s requests and needs, giving concrete answers: complete filtering and reuse of waste waters, complete absence of chemicals in products manufacturing and, not least, energetic self-sufficiency thanks to a 1.600 m2 photovoltaic panels equipment.

The same attention is given to research into eco-friendly products, such as MOSStile, the first maintenance-free vertical garden we talked about last year, and the new collection IVORY DREAM, an innovative green product capable of saving the Amazon rainforest.

IVORY DREAM. – Benetti Stone answers to our Planet’s needs
Benetti Stone has a dream, as simple as a seed and as strong as a stone, a dream of an environmentally friendly design house in the new awareness that our real home is the World outside.
This dream consists in a radical transformation of the Amazon rainforest exploitation concept: do not cut trees down, but preserve them and harvest their seeds.
Today, Benetti Stone’s dream is bound to become reality, and its name is Ivory Dream.


2m2 of Ivory Dream preserve 1m2 of the Amazon rainforest
This is certainly the most important result obtained from researches carried out on Ivory Dream.
Actually, proceeds obtained from harvesting and selling a raw material which is yearly renewable demonstrate that preserving the forest could be more cost-effective than just selling its timber once.

Emissions due to Ivory Dream production process are equal to Zero

The amount of CO2 generated during the production of 2 m2 of Ivory Dream is balanced by the action of 1 m2 of Amazon rainforest: the same forest that gives birth to the product and that the product itself helps to preserve.

Ivory Dream is a completely natural product.

Ivory dream, known as vegetable ivory, is obtained by the seed of an Amazon palm tree called Tagua. The seed is harvested every year by hand, without damaging the vegetation at all, it is sliced and supplied on net, ideal for floors, coverings and curved surfaces.
Ivory dream is nature’s response to every need: as thin as a resin, it can be backlit; it is as light as wood and as strong as stone.
The two available colours are completely natural too: Ivory Dream can be provided in white, the typical seed ivory colour, and toasted, with leather-like nuances, obtained from the simple seed toasting.

Summing up, Ivory Dream is the ideal vegetable mosaic for those who love the environment.

Ivory Dream is produced and patented by Eprom and sold worldwide exclusively by Benetti Stone.

By Benetti Stone

Product: Benetti Stone
Designer: Benetti Stone
Manufacturer: Benetti Stone
Category: walls and tiles


Ivory random
Ivory Button brick toasted
Ivory seed toasted
Ivory random
by Benetti Stone

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