Laptops more sustainable than desktops due to new technology and integration

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-04-28 07:35:18 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Lower eco-cost and less CO2 eq. due to more sustainable technologies and integration of functionalities and components.

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Comparison computers

Fraunhofer institute did a research on the global warming impact of different computer styles. Conclusion is that laptops are more environmental friendly compared to desktop computers because of integration of components which reduces not only material consumption but reduces energy consumption in the use phase with 85%, that is the kind of improvements we need to create a sustainable world. Some of the reduction comes also of the fact that, in the use phase, LCD screens use half the energy compared with CRT-screens. See also the ecocost database under Tools.

Also interesting is research of DSSW in the UK which present a good overview on energy consumption saving options in computers

Interesting is their conclusion of the impact of use patterns : Reducing the energy consumption of computers and monitors is simple, and it does not require investing in newer models. Turning computers off at night and putting them into low power mode when they are idle can reduce their annual energy consumption by more than half. About half of the computers have power management (to put them in low power mode if idle etcetera) switched off! This can save over 100$ per computer per year in energy bills plus the ecocost which comes with it! Wow! With education we still can create quite a bit and an incentive of 100$ a year is not a bad incentive.

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Comparison computers
Comparing LCD and CRT-screens
Comparison computers
outcome fraunhofer institute

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