Supercool and robust sustainable kids fashion

by: caspar honee, 2011-06-08 18:14:26 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: original, durable, eco materials, local

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Gioia Mondo is truly unique using playing children as a starting point for design. The brand knows exactly how to combine this with fashion and quality. Gioia Mondo believes that children should be well dressed and look cool but most important be unconstrained to play. In a “Suitables” suit it is as though a button is switched on and kids immediately feel completely free to do anything they want. Once again they roll down hillsides and jump and splash in puddles. The suits are specifically developed to cope with this by making use of sustainable materials and applying reinforced knee and elbow patches.

The tailored fit, cool details and hip colours also make them very fashionable says Co Prins, founder and designer of the brand. Select a Gioia Mondo Suitable for any occasion; the Suitables Explore’ for outdoor fun, ‘Create’ for creative action en ‘Relax’ to chill out. The Suitables"line is aimed at children from three to six years of age and is available from the online store and in selected exclusive children’s specialty stores.

Product: New adventurous children brand
Designer: Co Prins
Manufacturer: gioiamondo
Category: Fashion


for outdoor fun

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