Smarter cities

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-06-07 07:42:30 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Optimize resources over a city. This saves money and makes resources available for other purposes. And which city is not cash-strapped nowadays

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smarter city

By combining all electronic data of water, transportation, energy consumption etcetera one can save energy in spots it is not needed at the moment, steer people away from potential flood area’s before the rain is falling. The idea is to share ideas and proven concepts between cities all over the world. At the moment 50% of the world population lives in cities.

The IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities bundles a range of software components including a database (DB2), application server (WebSphere), business rules engine (iLog), data integration and data management (various InfoSphere pieces), and business intelligence and real-time monitoring (Cognos). By bringing everything together into a single product, which starts shipping later this month, IBM says it has made the technology easier to purchase and deploy.

From a back-end perspective, the Operations Center is ready to accept and monitor data from line-of-business applications and any number of real-time sensors. It could be video feeds or street sensors used by police or traffic-and-transit engineers. It could be water or sewer sensors, weather-prediction feeds, or 311 complaints and service requests.

From a front-end perspective, the Operations Center provides a cockpit-like collection of dashboards and key performance indicators that can be tuned to provide insight to anyone from the mayor to individual managers handling specific departments or events.

Product: Management systems
Designer: IBM ea
Manufacturer: IBM ea
Category: Automatization


smarter city
smarter city
by IBM

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