Sustainable shoes; the Camper story

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-03-10 06:06:27 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Recycling material like tyres, unusable scrap leather

The Story


How has the brand developed since 1975 when it was first created?
Camper has moved one step at a time, which is the only way to do things properly. With the experience of two generations of craftsmen behind him, Lorenzo Fluxà combined traditional methods with new aesthetic precepts to design products that were both creative and practical.
The first design we ever sold was Camaleón in 1975. It marked the debut of the casual style in Spain and led to a torrent of creativity which consolidated the brand. Camaleón was the country person’s shoe, totally ecological footwear made from recycling unusable leather scraps, used tyres and pieces of canvas.
Camaleón was followed by a constant stream of products developed by an in-house design team whose professional ambitions built a solid foundation. Over more than 30 years, many designers have left their mark, under the capable direction, first of Juan Martorell and Mario Ollé, and later of Guillem Ferrer. Runner, Industrial, Bachelor, Twins, Pelotas, Peu and Wabi are just some of the concepts that have emerged over the years and which have had a huge influence on the footwear sector all over the world.

The quest for quality and comfort has been your leitmotiv. Is that still the case?
It is. We have also developed a concept called Extraordinary Crafts, which combines creativity, quality and manufacture. Extraordinary Crafts is our way of blending design with technology. All that passion and know-how are combined with new ideas to create a new generation of footwear that is useful, innovative and brimming with personality. Lots of people had already paid lip service to technology, but nobody had ever tackled it quite like Camper. For us, creativity has to be applied to every step of the process, from manufacturing to recycling, so we can carry on evolving. At Camper we like to say: “a little better, never perfect”.

Is there room for imagination?
Imagination is synonymous with creativity, design and innovation. It’s still part and parcel of Camper, where “Imagination Walks”.

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