Ergon Greenlab; redesign of bike grip and packaging

by: Mirjam Visser, 2011-01-21 07:35:44 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Reducing packaging and design for recycling

The Story

Ergon gp1

The packaging

re-worked and re-invented packaging. This uses as little material as possible and much of the material used is
recycled. The sustainability of the packaging was a key factor, and that the packaging can be recycled
after use, and uses as few components as possible,a priority – minimising the environmental impact. The
result of this new packaging quest is so innovative that it has already won the coveted German DesignPlus
packaging prize.
The comparison to the old packaging is testament to the leap forward that has been made. 90% of the grips are nowpacked using 40% less packing material in volume, yet the function allowing potential users to ‘trial’ the grips prior to purchase has been retained.
The former packaging used 3 different materials, making up a total of 8 components. Although these could all be recycled, sorting them to do so was time consuming. By contrast, the new packaging uses only paper, making up its four components. Recycling is therefore extremely easy. The packaging is also in the majority made of recycled paper.

The product

The new BioKork version of the GP1 provides ultimate ergonomics for the hand just as the rest of Ergon’s Performance Comfort series do, however the unique qualities of cork means that it is now anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Cork’s natural damping qualities also make it an ideal grip material, and its now density mean the resulting grip is a lot lighter. The GP1 BioKork uses 40% cork, sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal which is certified for its ecologically sound production. This ecological theme is continued throughout the rest of the grip. The inner core is plastic reinforced using natural fibre, which make up 40% of its mass. In place of mineral oil, the gel in the palm section of the grip is vegetable oil based. The aluminum clamp can also be 100% recycled. It is all a result of Ergon’s

Product: GP1 BioCork Bike grip
Designer: Ergon
Manufacturer: RTI Sports
Category: Bicycle, recycled material, material reduction, packaging


Ergon gp1
Ergon gp1
Ergon gp1
by Ergon

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