Upcycling, an upgrade from recycling

by: Mirjam Visser, 2010-11-25 06:12:28 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Retired products are changed in new one thus saving 95+% of the CO2-equivalents, water consumption etc compared to virgin material.

The Story

parka from hot air balloon

Mile High Club is a water-resistant, handmade exclusive women’s parka with pockets, gathered waist with adjustable pull strings, and zippered hood.
Ingredients: Retired Virgin hot air balloon ‘Tango’. New zipper and toggles.
Colour: Virgin red. Screenprinted with hot air balloon technical drawings.

Other products that are re-used are airplane seat covers, mail carrier bags, old uniforms, they are being changed in new bags, jackets etcetera. Unlike traditional recycling where materials are degraded and mixed with materials of other products, resulting in a lower quality mix, here the materials are changed as little as possible and upgraded with new zippers, screen prints in new products of higher value.

Worn Again tries to change the consumers and producers mindset from dispose to re-use.

Product: Jackets and Bags made from retired hot air balloons
Designer: Worn
Manufacturer: Wornagain
Category: Upcycling, re-use
Websites: www.wornagain.co.uk


parka from hot air balloon
Bag from Balloon
Upcycling benefits
parka from hot air balloon
by Worn Again

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