SUSTAINABILITY MAKER conference, October 15th in Cologne

by: Mirjam Visser, 2013-09-10 11:59:58 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Getting funding, and customers, for your sustainable projects, products and services

The Story

The open innovation online platform will be ready for use in October 2013 and will connect people / organizations, that want to pose Sustainability related problems to the platform to be solved, with people / organizations, that like to develop creative problem solving solutions, and support their implementation.
This online platform is introduced by he EU funded Sustainability Maker Project and functions to solve Sustainability related problems and create, finance and implement Sustainability solutions. All of this is done through cooperation of the international innovation community: the Crowd.

Attend the first Sustainability Maker Convention, the world’s first conference on Open Innovation, Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding for Sustainability. Held in Cologne on the 15th of October.

Meet the ‘innonatives’ and become part of this exciting movement. Get together with Innovators, Creatives, Designers and Sustainability Experts from all over the world. During the conference world renowned experts will explain, how Open Innovation, Crowd Funding and Crowd Sourcing work generally and for Sustainability. You will be able to understand how you can work with the platform and how the platform works for you. You can discuss the first Sustainability Challenges the platform will work on and you can suggest more Challenges to be tackled. The party concluding the conference is an excellent and fun networking opportunity.
Speakers and Workshop Facilitators include Prof. Ezio Manzini, Design for Sustainability and Social Innovation expert from Italy, Prof. Chris Ryan, Design for Sustainability and Resilience expert from Australia, Prof. Han Brezet, Design for Sustainability and Base of the Pyramid expert from The Netherlands and Prof. Dominik Walcher, Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing expert from Austria (see extended program and list of speakers below).

Target Group/ Participants
Around 200 participants including sustainability and innovation experts, creatives, designers, companies, NGOs and GOs, financial institutions, educators and students, as well as the core group and wider network of the Sustainability Maker project.

Conference Language
Official language of the event is English.

Register here before the first of October.

Product: Crowdfunding for sustainability
Designer: The project is carried out by 5 core partners, econcept Agency for Sustainable Design (manager), ecosense media & communication,, Politecnico Milano, Forum für soziale Technikgestaltung and several network partners as well as further experts
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