Mobile services improving farmer income and prevent deceases

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-11-21 08:37:48 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: Improve income of farmers and their families, helping increase yield as well as provides information to negotiate a better price. Data gathering helps prevent epidemics in rural areas.

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Dat Gathering process

On D4S there is much focus on physical product design but Product Service Systems can have a hugh impact on peoples live as this case of Nokia shows. Nokia has different offerings from mobile gathering of health information to prevent spreading of deceases to SMS services to empower farmers and more.

Nokia Life Agriculture

Helps farmers in India, Indonesia, Nigeria, China, for a fee of about 1$ a month, to improve the yields of their land by supplying growing advice, weather information, advice on pest controls, market data to help them select the crops that deliver most income, connect them to consultants and peers for advice. It further shares local market data for their specified crops so farmers can select the best time and place to bring their produce to the market. The services are available in 17 languages including also social experiences like Share, Ask-an-expert and polls. Because SMS is used to deliver this critical information, the service works wherever a mobile phone works – there’s no need for data network coverage. In this way they are able to increase yield and negotiate better on their produce.
An other service is Data gathering which helps organizations is remote locations to gather data about for instance dengue fever spread. This data can than help to prevent a epidemic. In this way they were able fighting back dengue fever in the Amazonas;

Amazonas State Health Department and Health Vigilance Foundation

Every year hundreds of people die of dengue fever in Brazil. The disease is transmitted through mosquito bites and outbreaks spread quickly with devastating effects. Amazonas State Health Department (SUSAM) and the Health Vigilance Foundation (FVS) leverage Nokia Data Gathering to help fight the spread of this disease and increase the effectiveness of treatment. During 2008, 3522 cases of the dengue were registered in Manaus. With the help of this solution, during 2009 the number of cases was reduced dramatically to 245. That is 93% cut in the number of the cases! Nokia Data Gathering helped the health workers to do their jobs. It cut the steps in the process, made the process faster, and more accurate.

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Data Gathering
Dat Gathering process
Data Gathering
by Nokia

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