Design for behaviour change

by: Mirjam Visser, 2012-08-21 17:00:29 UTC
Sustainability Aspects: We can design products reducing resource consumption but it helps a lot if people change their behavior. These are fun playful examples of how

The Story

Give it to me

Design for behaviour change of Marko Goller is one of the German shortlisted concepts in the James Dyson Award 2012.

The entrants were researching whether the design of products can change our behaviour towards being more sustainable towards planet and people. By focussing not on the (un)sustainability of the product but on the (un)sustainable interaction of the user with the product. Thus changing the view on sustainability in product design.

They designed concepts for

“Water mirror”, A washbasin that gives feedback on how much water you use to wash your hands, the more volume the higher the level of the washbasin and mirror above it change color and the less you can see from yourself.
“Give it to me”, An empty bottle collector as street furniture so that it is visible where to leave it and where to collect it if you are a collector. Within half an hour 33 bottles were collected for recycling
“Konkret” and “Ikon” are two suspension lights that give visual feedback on energy consumption by either pulling it more down and get a brighter light or be switched on according to the length of the cord.

Product: Collector waste bottles, feedback water consumption washbasin, energy feedback
Designer: Marko Goller and others
Manufacturer: na
Category: behavioural change


Give it to me
from dyson awards 2012 shortlist

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